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High Yield Asset Backed Returns

Corporate Finance Bonds Limited is the issuer of a £500m Secured Note Programme which provides finance to help UK companies grow their business. This is achieved by the issue of Notes (also known as Bonds) and then using the capital raised to lend money to such businesses on a secured basis. This business model is akin to asset based finance. Corporate Finance Bonds makes a profit on the difference between the coupon paid to investors and the interest rate charged to corporate borrowers.
Unlike the majority of bond issues which raise capital for the issuing company to use for its own business, Note proceeds are lent to at least five separate businesses in each.
In this way, Corporate Finance Bonds acts as a bridge between investors seeking high yields with capital security and with borrowers seeking capital to grow their business.

Corporate Finance Bonds Ltd


Corporate Finance Bonds Ltd issue Series of bond instruments under a £500m Secured Note Programme listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Each bond Series offers a specific level of coupon and redemption date which reflects prevailing markets. Details of each Series are set out in a specific Fact Sheet and Pricing Supplement which are available to download from this section.

Each Series is enabled for clearing and settlement through Crest through a unique ISIN code and will be individually listed on the Global Exchange Market of the Irish Stock Exchange.

Corporate Finance Bonds Ltd

Series: 3
Current Price: 100.76
Financial Express Citi Code: NP1Q
Bloomberg BB No: QZ2468697
Series: 4
Current Price: 102.74
Financial Express Citi Code: NP1R
Bloomberg BB No: QZ7429389
Series: 5
Current Price: 103.01
Financial Express Citi Code: NP1S
Bloomberg BB No: QZ7441525
Series: 6
Current Price: 103.14
Financial Express Citi Code: NP1T
Bloomberg BB No: QZ7441368
Series: 7
Current Price: 101.13
Financial Express Citi Code: NQ7P
Bloomberg BB No: AM1500876
Series: 8
Current Price: 88.11
Financial Express Citi Code: NQ7Q
Bloomberg BB No: AM1500926
Series: 9
Current Price: 102.02
Financial Express Citi Code: NWJY
Bloomberg BB No: AN4228739
Series: 10
Current Price: 86.49
Financial Express Citi Code: NWJZ
Bloomberg BB No: AN4228655
The current Prices for the CFB Series are updated each Monday and Friday. For accurate dealing prices please contact Corporate Finance Bonds on operations@corporatefinancebonds.com.